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A useful desktop manager with plenty of options and features to try out

Andrei Gourianov |
updated on January 3, 2023


Free for 30 days, some features removed afterward
Useful for everyone with plenty of windows open at the same time
Plenty of options to customize your experience
Various features that make opening new apps and navigation much easier
Supports all Windows versions from Windows NT to Windows 10


Design is not in the spirit of Windows 10, could use a retouch
Price: $
Having a single desktop screen to look at can be quite limiting to many users, especially the ones who often work with many programs open. It would be very useful if there was a tool that would enable users to easily manage various desktop screens. As a matter of fact, goScreen promises to take care of that problem so let's check it out!

You can use goScreen for free for 30 days, after which some features are stripped away and you have to buy a license if you want to keep all features. When it comes to its functionality, it's a desktop manager you can use to divide currently running programs by different 'pages'.

Think of it as a notebook and a single page is a desktop screen. One of these pages is currently active and you can quickly access the rest of them. When you switch to a different page, every program that was running on the current one remains and is waiting for you to come back.

You can organize your desktop by running each group of applications on a separate page and resolve the problem of having too many open windows. Besides these 'pages' you can add a Window Map, a Window List, or a Launchpad to make it easy for you to switch between pages, applications, and open certain apps in an instant. You can easily add various information about each page, making labeling like 'Work', 'School', and 'Entertainment' quite easy.

goScreen is really customizable and it allows you to organize your desktop however you want. It might take a while to set it up, learn some useful keyboard shortcuts, and get used to multiple desktops. However, these steps are necessary if you want to use the program's benefits to the fullest. The only thing we would improve would be its design. Still, it should be noted that goScreen supports all Windows versions - from Windows NT to Windows 10, hence a design not innate to Windows 10. Developing a Windows-10-only app and renewing the UI might be a good idea.
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